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About Us

Why parkour

Parkour offers a way for everyone to live freely, express themselves and enhance their mobility and speed. It’s also an excellent way to improve your overall physical condition. Plus, this is great for kids and adults alike, and it’s a fun process everyone should try out. We created the School of Movement- Free Spirit because we want to help everyone gain direct access to these amazing benefits while enjoying their life and having fun.

What classes do we offer

At the School of Movement- Free Spirit you can find, parkour, free running and tricking classes. These classes are split into various levels, so no matter if you are a beginner, experienced or professional, you are bound to find a class that suits your needs. We use a progress grading system to track and improve the practitioner level as they attend our classes.

Our values and beliefs

We believe in the free spirit and the fact that everyone has unlimited potential, they just have to unlock it. In addition, we maintain a set of rigorous values that include integrity, honesty, authenticity and resilience, while also maintaining a high level of fun and making these classes entertaining.

Why choose us

Our coaches have been around in this industry for a lot of time, and they have the experience needed to teach these types of classes. On top of that, we also received multiple awards and trophies for our hard work and commitment to the world of parkour. In addition, we are very focused on safety and making sure that everyone is happy and they enjoy their time. Whether you are a parent that wants to book their child’s first parkour session or an adult trying to get into the world of parkour, we welcome you and we are excited to get started!

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In School of Movement – Free Spirit we believe that everyone has unlimited potential, which just waits to be unlocked

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