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What is Parkour

Parkour is the art of movement. It’s a sport that concentrates on overcoming multiple, different obstacles in the most effective or creative way possible. It develops your physical, mental and emotional state by constantly introducing new challenges to concur. It involves jumps, landings, vaults, climbing, ground movement, tricks, flips and so much more.

Parkour Foundations

Fun and energetic parkour class that welcomes all new starters. In this class, students will get familiar with all the common parkour basics and concentrate on building a wide foundation of techniques, while improving their mobility, coordination and physical condition.

Parkour Intermediate

A parkour class that focuses on the applications of the parkour basics. In this class, students will use their knowledge from the foundation class and start linking the basic parkour techniques into small lines, while deepening their foundation further and learning more complex moves.

Parkour Advance

A parkour class that concentrates on helping students to go beyond their limits. In this class, students will use the past accumulated knowledge from the foundation and intermediate classes, combined with some new advanced techniques and use it in different setups and situations. This will allow them to grasp different concepts like parkour vision and flow, break mental barriers and expand beyond their current state.


In School of Movement – Free Spirit we believe that everyone has unlimited potential, which just waits to be unlocked

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